Living is doing……more…….

Today, I receive a new life of sorts. In the pouring rain (yet again), at the time when most are heading home, I was on my way out. To coach, to teach. Never mind another 1.5 hour journey to the north (a place where I can almost never get the directions right), I soldiered on, cramped in the train cabin and well, almost missed a step and fell……

I am not by any chance complaining. Rather, it’s interesting to note that the challenges and difficulties I have previously endured have actually simulated my tolerance level and inculcated such strength in me that I no longer feel threatened by them anymore.

I am ever so grateful for opportunities which spurred me to go further. Never mind the difficulties. All these shall pass. I have to believe in this.

Everyday, be there challenges or joys, I come back to my evergreen personal reminder: “It’s all encompassing.” With this in mind, it brings me back to finishing what I have to do today. Be it good or bad, I have to walk till the very end of the day. I have to live it out as it is.

As usual, a prayer that holds appreciation for the all good things to come my way the next day and the many days after. A simple “Thank you.”


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