Article Appreciation Course


We are feeling the heat of rising expectations in education. In order to keep pace with the hot stove of academic requirements, students are in the need to explore and have a keen sense of their environment to have a well-rounded, holistic approach in their learning.

What We Plan To Do:

We are offering to introduce news articles and relevant information to guide youths in learning what is happening around the world today. Current affairs are organised into topics such as corporate citizenship, arts and culture, business and finance etc. They get to learn how renowned companies such as Goldman Sachs, Singapore Airlines and Microsoft carry out aspects of their businesses.


Knowing and comprehending current affairs and the likes help them to make relevant application in their writing. Increased general knowledge also enhances their comprehensive and analytical skills.

Participants will also be provided vocabulary exercises associated with the topics to pump up their vocabulary inventory.

Who can participate:

Upper secondary, diploma and undergraduate students. We also welcome individuals who want to build their general knowledge base and enhance their personal and job value. The course will be done in small group sessions to enhance learning.

For interested parties, please contact Isabella Rose at 98264205 for details.


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