The Long Journey


I admit. It was time to change my wallpaper. I don’t really need another “love message” when i turn on my laptop. The days are hot and so are the nights. I am getting lazy and frustrated at the heat in the atmosphere. I must have been holding myself up during the day and i only breathe easy when nightfall arrives. Thank god for the arrival of my true element!

This wallpaper could not have been pleasing to me with the radiant (oh my god) sun shining bright across the horizon. But it did.

I chanced upon it in the wee hours of the morning and i couldn’t resist it. It called out to me. I stared at it for some time. It looked inviting. I want to take the long road – the journey. 

The road in the picture stretched out far and wide and ENDLESS. This is usually not something i’d appreciate – unknown, far, out of personal control. However, as i was awed by the glowing ball of fire and the graveled road, i was struck by a thought.

Perhaps, i was living too safely, too comfortably and much too contained.

Being contained sounds stifling. It was as if a huge cage had just fallen out of the sky and trapped me in it. Not pleasing at all. I have always thought i was the kind to breathe free and live wide; no bars on me. Apparently not. 

In my search for security and stability, I have lived a lot by the rules and there is no wrong in that. It’s just however, living too much in the right department and not glancing sideways often enough to the left. The boxes in all of our logical minds should remain. No doubt about that. However, the world is round as we all know it. The vastitude of opportunities awaits just as far as the world stretches and i still have much of this lifetime to explore it i realised. Keeping safe and being safe (of not being edged out) must now stand apart in two categories, closely-intertwined. 

As I further contemplate, i realised that a bright, long journey does look daunting and tiresome in the beginning. It’s a long, lonely road to the top they always say. However, once you start walking, you may just stop calculating steps like you have predicted you’d be. A long journey with well intentions may just have you walking as far as you can. No limits attached, Once you start walking, you will never know how far you’d travel or how long you may walk on. 

You’d travel wide into the world, embracing it all, undoing the crippling boundaries. The world is big and wide and the opportunities are endless. You may not stop at one. We just need to remember to not trap ourselves in, not to contain ourselves. We deserve to be free as we have always been. Sometimes, we just need to keep a pair of scissors handy to cut some strings around our waists loose, step out of our little frame and make a move. The journey awaits. 


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