Every Step Matters, Each Breath Counts

Every Step Matters, Each Breath Counts

The downcast sky today did not affect anything in my life.

In fact, i have many gratuitous moments in the past few days.

I thank:

1) Some ill memories that recur in my mind lately. They served as useful reminders.

2) The excited smiles on the children’s faces. Bright!

3) Safety (I am living in a good place).

4) Gratitude and appreciation (people have shown me).

5) Work (happy to share and discover – language, people and places).

6) I have everything i need and can get better.

7) Going through my retro music playlist (comforted, oldies are better!).

8) I can finally feel more appreciative of time, maturity and self.

9) How a simple phone call draws distance and hearts nearer (I love you aunties!).

10) I finally come to appreciate Monday, the start of a brand new week, the start of real-time training experience and energy generation meant to trickle down to more individuals.

Making time count is an enjoyable experience.
Making life count is an invaluable mission.
Every step matters. Each breath counts.


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