Mother’s Day Anew

        This Mother’s Day was quite unlike the rest i have experienced in previous years. 

        I will be frank. I did not plan anything fantastic for my mother because the work schedules for all my family members turned pretty erratic this year, especially mine. We had McDonald’s delivery. At 11 p.m. on Saturday night, we gathered around a small, red dinning table filled with take-out. My mum, my brother and sister-in-law, a family friend and I munched on fast food, joked and laughed about any and everything under the moon. Dad was still stuck at work! However, this was one of the best we had because we made do with the simplest and yet it was equally heart-warming and cozy.

        I am always for my mum. She is such a pleasant woman with simple wants. She just wants time together with us, some simple efforts of appreciation, nothing more. It is the same with her birthdays. I’d cook a bowl of noodles with two eggs (dyed red) and she will be very satisfied. This is how we traditional Chinese celebrate our birthdays. It carries a more significant meaning than birthday cakes because it represents longevity and good luck. We both value this tradition and are alike in the aspect of requiring the bare minimal. I truly appreciate inheriting this from her.

       The following day, for the first time since i started teaching three years ago, i worked on Mother’s Day. I brought forward all lessons because it was examination week. I wanted to prepare the kids. Looking back, i felt quite good. For the first time too, i visited students at their homes and got to wish their mothers personally on top of the usual SMS greeting i sent to them. Though i am not a mother yet, i can picture this – i will be a parent some day and perhaps, a greeting of similar nature would warm my heart. It is one innocent thought i’d hold to gladly. 

      However, Mother’s Day was not simply a day mothers take the day off and chill as i have observed. Some mothers I know continue to work hard – shuttling around, ferrying their kids to and from tuition and enrichment classes. I admire them for their dedication (as well as the Daddies in tow!) I am glad to witness all these through the eyes of a teacher, an external party, some duties most of us have taken for granted.  As i grow my experience in teaching and as i come into contact with more parents and their children, i really have to take my hat off to them. Parenting is a huge and demanding task and most parents i know pore their hearts and souls into this heavenly mandate.

     Happy Mother’s Day once again to all mummies and to all daddies, Happy Father’s Day in advance.


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